A Diablada 100% Bolivian Fraternidad Diablada Eucaliptus La Paz del G.P. – History

Publicado: julio 1, 2014 en Bolivia, Buzos Dorados, Diablada Boliviana, Diablada Eucaliptus, Gran Poder, los eucas
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Diablada F. Eucaliptus La Paz del G.P. en la Entrada Gran Poder 2014
The Diablada or Danza de los Diablos or Devil Dance interprets the fight between good (the arc angel) and evil (the 7 deadly sins), in which evil is defeated. It is an original dance from Bolivia.

Fraternidad Diablada Eucaliptus La Paz del Gran Poder affiliated to the Asociación de Conjuntos Folklóricos del Gran Poder since 2001 and refounded on March 23, 2013 with the approval of the Asociación de Conjuntos Folklóricos del Gran Poder. 

The Fraternidad Diablada Eucaliptus La Paz del Gran Poder was formed on 2001. Chuquimia Claudia Bautista, Pablo Bautista Bautista Chuquimia Chuquimia and Alan were pasantes in the village of Eucaliptus, as an act of faith and devotion, praying for the health of his mother Mrs. Miriam Bautista Chuquimia RIP who sadly passed away in 2000, consequently, unable to perform the corresponding ensayo in the village of Eucalyptus duel grieved by his family, is summoned to a meeting in which Mr. Nielsen Orlando Bautista Ramos suggests registering with eucalipteños residents, friends and supporters at the entrance of Jesus del Gran Poder.

It is so los EUCAS La Paz The first walking the main streets of the city of La Paz in 2001, with tradition and culture of the lavish entry ” Jesus del Gran Poder“, bearing the name of the town in honor of Eucaliptus ancestors bequeathed to us this tradition. Becoming a benchmark with diablada dance in the city of La Paz, winning specialty diablada from the first year and becoming light dances winners in three consecutive years in competition.

EUCAS La Paz or Los Diablos buzo dorados, as they call themselves, are tasked to promote our culture in its different shades, so that from its inception has achieved many laurels among which the most important is to have won first place in the Entrada Jesus del Gran Poder 2013.

The Fraternidad Diablada Eucaliptus La Paz del Gran Poder creators of their own style in dance and choreography come to excel the other fraternities and showing elegance, excellence and consistency in each of its units with different stakeholders, the strength of the diablos, the beauty and sensuality of our Chinas, the passion of the diablesas, the tenacity of our Luciferes, the distinction of the ñaupas and the spirituality of the angels and the joy of our children’s classes.





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